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Let's get to know each other and determine our common goals. Business website? Webshop? Who are your clients? Who is your competition? How should the layout look? What should the letters look like? What colors should we use? What visual elements should we use? What kind of functions would you like?

Price Quote

A detailed price quote based on your unique requirements. If you accept our offer we will create an outline, a live demo. If the demo meets your requirements we will ask for a 50% deposit.


We will upload your content and after finalization we will transfer the website over to you. We ask that you pay the remaining 50% upon transfer.

Follow Up

Our relationship does not end with the end of the project. We will follow up the project for an additional two months along with the AdWords campaign and then discuss our experiences.

Successful Sites

Look inside! What is a secret? Why pages are successful?

Domain name

Choose a simple easy to remember domain name (e.g.: Mailing can be simply added to the domain name creating unique email addresses, e.g.:
Unique email addresses are a simple way to increase trust toward your company.
Google Business Registratoóion

When you are searching with Google you can sometimes see a little window on the right side of the screen with the data of the company you searched, but sometimes this window is not there. When it is not there it means that the company is not listed with Google My Business. This is an important step because we let Google know about our business and it allows for the business to be visible on Maps.
A Google My Business registration is a simple process and it's free! Using your Google Account password you can log into Google My Business and register your company in a few simple steps. Registered companies will appear on the right side of the screen when searched. Let us help you! If you are not registered yet and have trouble with the process, we'll help.
There are very many hosting service providers available on the internet. Choose a trustworthy provider. It is important that they have a call center for customer service and can provide quick trouble-shooting.
Responsive Design
Not all visitors view your website on the same device. Some people's computer screens are larger than other's. Some people go online with their tablet or mobile phone. We think of everyone and don't leave anyone stranded by the side of the information super highway. Your website will fit the screens of all your visitors. Don't lose a third of your visitors!
We won't send you statistics. You will be able to see on your website how many visitors you had on a given day, week, month or year and what channels these visitors arrived through (Google, Facebook). Surely you have seen the message: „This website uses cookies...” With the help of these cookies we can get precise statistical data about our visitors and the operation of our website. It's even more than you think!
Content Mnagement
It is easy to manage your website's content, for example, you can post news. This is supported by a quality program package, Wordpress. You can log into your website with a user name and password on a special log-in interface and edit your site from there, send newsletters, manage received orders and see the site's visitor statistics. More than a third of the world's websites use Wordpress. Among the largest and most famous are: Samsung, Mercedes-Benz, Beyonce and the Swedish government.

Send newsletters easily to your clients.You will receive statistical feedback from the sent messages. (received-read-unread).
If you do not wish to send newsletters use the function to send greeting cards: Merry Christmas, Happy Easter, etc.
Define the goal of your website. Is this a business website? A company page? Who will the visitors be? How to approach them? How will they find us? We'll help!
Colors and Layout

Choose the colors and layout we will use. This provides the first impression the visitors get of the company.

We send this clear and simple sitemap to Google for better search rates.
Buttons and Navigation

The buttons are attractive, simple and easy to identify. Ergonomic website use is important. This improves user experience. The menu-system should be simple, clear and easy to use on any device, whether it's a computer or a mobile phone.

We only use pictures legally. Picture size should be optimized and all pictures should be named, this is important for search engine optimization.
Social Media: Facebook, Insatgram

Love it or hate it, a ,large part of your visitors will be coming to your website via social media. Why lose a third of your visitors?
Do you have an anti-virus software on your computer? (We hope you do.) It is just as important that your website be protected. Protection is especially important if we store users' data.

We operate with 100% customer satisfaction. Don't worry, you won't be our first dissatisfied customer. We always strive to compromise. We have no standard procedure for handling dissatisfied customers, but what can we do if this is the case?
You get your money back.

Domain Check

Choose a simple easy to remember domain name (e.g.: Is it free? Check it!

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